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Friday Reads! …it’s still Friday in California

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Okay, actually, I’ve been terrible and indulged in Angry Birds and blogs and other nonsense (downloaded Spotify on my phone, which is a surprisingly good music player!) rather than reading books today. Nevertheless, I’m going to start a new tradition, which is to tell you what books I have waiting for me in various places.


I’ve loved the English folktale Mr. Fox (a variation on the Robber Bridegroom) ever since I read Neil Gaiman’s fantastically chilling short story, “The White Road“. So when I learned that Helen Oyeyemi, whose Icarus Girl I read and loved years ago, had written a story using that tale as a jumping board, I had to get it immediately. By which I mean, open up a tab and place a hold at the Brooklyn Public Library without delay. I started reading it two days before it was due, which was stupid, because someone else had it on hold and I couldn’t renew it. BUT! The NYPL had copies on the shelf at the Mid-Manhattan library, so I managed to make a quick library-run after work, before book club, on Wednesday. It’s fantastic so far, I will probably spend much of tomorrow reading it.


From top to bottom, left to right: Gail Carriger’s Changeless (borrowed, to be read), Thea Harrison’s Storm’s Heart (read) and Serpent’s Kiss (to be read), Heist Society by Ally Carter (library book, to be read, renewed 3 times), Guy DeLisle’s Burma Chronicles and Shenzhen (to be read; library books, renewed 3 times, also took out Pyongyang at the same time and honestly wasn’t that impressed by it, hence why I’ve been dragging my feet on reading these).

Dragon Bound, again by Thea Harrison (read!), The Truth About Forever (to be read; I had lent this to a friend – ditto Dragon Bound – and by the time I got them back, their places on the bookshelf had been taken up, so here they sit), an ARC of Marissa Meyer’s Cinder (borrowed, to be read; I started this at Christmas, but wasn’t in the mood), My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me, ed. Kate Bernheimer (mostly read, my pick for book club).

George Eliot’s Middlemarch (currently reading), the free annotated listing of the Penguin Classics (nerd), the Doctor Who novel Wish You Weren’t Here by James Goss (to be read, part of my Very Doctor Who Christmas from the boyfriend this year), an ARC of Kristin Cashore’s Bitterblue (to be read, DON’T MURDER ME BECAUSE I DIDN’T READ IT IMMEDIATELY I’ve been in a slump, I’m sorry), an ARC of Joelle Charbonneau’s Skating Around the Law (to be read,  it looks cute and I’m super excited for her Murder for Choir series), Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness (borrowed, to be read; I’m dreading it because the first two books were so brutal).


The Winter Prince, by Elizabeth E. Wein, placed today after learning that her books are very similar to Megan Whalen Turner’s.

Will Super Villains Be on the Final?, by Naomi Novik. This is actually the second time I’ve placed this on hold, because the first time, when I went to pick it up (along with Mr. Fox and the January book club pick, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother), it was not there. Somebody took it! Or there was an error. Probably someone took it though, from the hold shelf. Grr. Anyway, this came recommended to me by Shoshana, and I love superpowered schools, so I’m excited.

And that’s that! Tune in next week! This will actually force me to tidy up my nightstand weekly, so it’s not the same old books on there every week. Hurray!


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